About Us

About Us

We are a well-established Canadian corporation. We generate revenue by matching owners of luxury homes with vacation and business travellers seeking Elite rental accommodation.

We broker short-term agreements permitting travellers to stay at fully furnished luxury properties when the occupants are away. We collect commissions on the fees paid to the property owners by the guests.

We have been in business for eight years, and have earned a global reputation for service excellence. We have 300+ elite listings in 6 countries.

Our cut-above Difference

The service experience offered by Elite Vacation Homes Inc. is a cut-above that which is offered by our competition.

We confine our inventory to high-end homes. We offer housekeeping, travel amenities and personalized concierge services on par with five-star hotels.

We personally inspect each property to ensure it meets exceptional standards for cleanliness, safety and comfort. We personally screen each guest, and receive payment-in-full prior to booking.

We keep our listings safe from damage and undue wear-and-tear. We insulate homeowners and guests from fraud, theft and disruptions of their comfort.

We match affordable travel luxury with peace-of-mind vacation home renting.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm PST and Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm PST, except for Christmas and New Years Day. We provide friendly, efficient and professional service.

REGISTRATION AND SETUP of your vacation property on the elitevh.com can be added by you for the annual charge of $89 if you go to “About US” and follow the prompts to add manually. (Mostly for out of town people). If you would like us to add your property, there is a $299 setup fee which will include advertising on 7 popular sites including new photos. Owners with multiple properties will only be charged $49 for each additional properties listed.

To maintain your posting, there is an annual fee of $89 per owner due January 1st of each year or when your annual year is due.

THE SILVER PACKAGE 10% This is for the home owner that has their own website with advertised pricing and wishes to advertise on our sites for extra exposure. Elite will qualify the guest, and send the home owner a copy of the agreement. At that time, the home owner will proceed with completion of the booking. If a home owner does not receive an email from Elite, the booking has not been confirmed. We will post the property at the same rate as the home owner.

The owner will be responsible for managing the booking, checking in the guest and cleaning the property. The home owner has the option of using their own contract for the guest."

THE DIAMOND PACKAGE 20%/30% (Greater Victoria only for the 30%) The Diamond Package is for the busy person who does not have the time to deal with the customer personally. Concierge services will take care of the booking from beginning to end for the home owner. This includes the meet and greet, cleaning and inspection of the property after check-out and any other services that the home owner may require. This also includes qualifying the guest, contracts signed and all administration. The cleaning fee is covered by the guest.

This package is 30% for bookings that are 30 days or less. Bookings over 30 days will be 20% commission.


  • We screen all potential guests to ensure your home is enjoyed in a responsible way."
  • The guest will pay prior to check in and money released to the owner after check in.
  • We require 3 sets of keys and Fob (Garage Fob)
  • Supply driving directions (Google maps), and contacts numbers.
  • Our concierge will meet and greet the guest at the property to take them on an orientation tour, provide them with keys and 24 hour emergency number all inclusive of the Diamond package. Any other instructions the guest may need to know regarding the property should be provided in the “home owner manual”.

Every home that is posted with EVH Inc. receives premium exposure on our websites, (packages to be discussed), and local websites complete with indoor/outdoor photographs and professionally-designed copy describing the home, its location and amenities.

We screen all phone calls and emails from prospective guests. We will contact you to make arrangements only when we have confirmed bookings for your property. The price is set by the home owner with our guidance. As the home owner, you are never inconvenienced with having to negotiate with guests over prices, availability etc. If an owner has multiple properties to add, there will be a $49 for each additional home.


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