Booking Discounts

25% Commission on bookings under 30 days

20% Commission on bookings 3 months - 1 year

10% Commission on bookings over 1 year

Credit Card Fees

Collected only on:

Owner Direct

(Remove from booking if not one of the above)

Recording Payments

When payments are made they always need to be recorded

 Amend > Payment Manager>Record Payment

VRBO, Canada Stays, Owner Direct 

Sites that collect the payment



Notes for cleaners

Bookings over 30 days

On bookings 27 days+ always take out the

booking tax and add:

'Long-Term Booking Tax' (25%) 1.25%

 Make note to cleaners to coordinate monthly cleanings

(Provide guest contact details in note)


Always remove the cleaning fee & security deposit + pet deposit (if applicable)


Harald Grim from Bermuda on the Rocks is a particular homeowner. Always confirm with him before accepting ANY bookings. Block 1 extra day between all check-ins

Heron's Nest has a $25/pp extra person fee over 2 guests.

It must be applied to the booking and noted to the cleaners:  "+2 guests, please make up pull-out bed"

Spectacular view modern apartment is

a 20% commission

Living Rhythms, Karen is a 10% commission and she collects the cleaning fee

Burdett Luxury's Damage deposit is  set at $100 instead of $50 ($50 goes back to the owner to cover their strata move in fee charge)

365 Booking Details

Confirming Bookings

Payments for bookings under 30 days and initial payment instalments for bookings over 30 days MUST be collected in full immediately.

Guests will automatically receive all sensitive access information 6 days prior to thier check-in date or within 24hrs, if booked within 6 day before check-in window.  

Bookings are not CONFIRMED until paid in full

(or first instalment for bookings over 30 days)

Whenever there is an owner block that will be doing thier own cleaning at the end of a stay, it must be noted to the cleaners "Do not clean"

Third-Party Mark-Ups


VRBO + 8%






Adding Lisitings

Add 15% to our existing 365 Rates - ie:

$100 divided by .85 = 117.65 does not have the option to collect tax on our cleaning fee, pet fee and security waiver.  When adding fees, add the applicable tax in the area


Under "Property", then "Policies, always remove the section that says "Non refundable"

Under VAT/tax charges, you have to go to the "Inbox", compose message and ask them to add the applicable tax

Always go through each section under "Property" and "Policies" to complete the requirements

Under Rates and availability, go to Open and close rooms.   You must put in the dates to open all rooms,  I usually go as far as I can unless you are just opening a certain period

Go to Rate plans click on  standard rate and make sure you add the "min" stay.

Go back to calendar now to finish all your rate plans.   Put in the base rate period for the full time that it's open and then go back to do your high season to override the base rate. 

 Remember to add the min. night stay on this section as well.

Booking Payouts

Always use the "Booking Total" NOT the "Payout Total."

On only, proceed as above. Once the guest has paid, go back in and redo the booking payment, minus the Commission to get the actual payout total to enter in 365. 

Exclusives vs. Non- Exclusives

Properties with an asterix * are our Exclusive properties

We manage these 100% .

Properties without an asterix are our Non-Exclusive Properties. We advertise their listing on our Elite site only and the homeowners also advertise on other platforms and take bookings, manage cleaning and check-ins themselves etc. 


Any bookings that come in have to be confirmed with the homeowners for non-exclusive properties as they may already have a booking they are coordinating and have not yet updated their synced calendar with ours. 


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