Welcome to Sherborne House

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Network: Sherborne Password: 7782886444 Modem location: Kitchen
Not working? Unplug, wait 10 seconds, plug back in.


DESIGNATED PARKING You will be privided 2 gate fobs. Parking for up to 3 vehicles. Height 10 feet 1 on the side of the house by the garage and 2 on the side of the house entered off of main street.


This is a GREETED CHECK-IN property. You will recive an email with the PROPERTY ADDRESS, 5 days prior to your arrival. If you haven't already, please ensure to SUBMIT YOUR CHECK-IN TIME well in advance so your check-in host may schedule to meet you at the property at your selected time. There is an alarm in the home. Please set it when leaving. Code and further instructions provided in your arrival email. Thank you!


LAUNDRY If you are finding you are using access linens/towels during your stay it is appreciated if you are able to launder some as you go to help cut-down on timely washing and drying for the cleaners TV's VIEW CHANNEL LINEUP (Type in postal code V8V 2L1)

TV’s point at the satellite receiver and hit on, the tv should go on automatically. If you see standby, you may need to hit the on again until you hear and see the TV. To turn off ,hit the power button.

There are 5 tv’s

1 – kitchen

1 – living room

1 – master bedroom

1 – 2nd bedroom

1 – studio

Living room tv can be finacky:

Use Blue curve remote top right button pointing directly at the digital cable box. Directly on the digitsl receiver turn the dial to SAT and leave it on that setting always. If you don’t shut it down properly by pointing directly at the box and pressing power it may switch to a different setting and have to be put back to SAT. If the tv doesn’t come on use the black remote and press the red button. Or press input (slightly delayed) to HDMI 6 or 7. Fireplaces There are two gas inserts – to turn on you must hit the red button on the bottom left hand side that says off at the same time of pressing the top button on the right hand side. They are new and have safety precaution built in, so it takes some time for them to ignite. Once they do, you can press the down button on the right hand side to set the flame. To turn off, hit the red off button by itself, the same one that was used to start. Tea Lights/Outdoor Lights Tea lights are strung outside. They can be plugged in to turn on. Gardening A gardener will be every 2nd Tuesday between 9-11am to mow and maintain the grounds. They will access the garden shed for gardeneing tools so please do not be alarmed if you see someone doing so. Windows in the house Some windows have been painted shut.

Windows that open somewhat, they don’t open all the way, mostly safe to safe 6 inches.

Beside Master bed – the one on the right when facing the bed is on a slight slant with the lower part towards bed, don’t try to close evenly it’s not happy doing that.

1st bedroom – both outer windows open

2nd smaller bedroom – opens

Master bathroom – window that you see the James Bay Inn through, the one with the sheer that has some paint on it.

(Missing the wood pieces for most of them to hold open)


Check out anytime before 10am The cleaning fee paid through your booking reflects a $50 reduction as an incentive to our guests to complete the following prior to check-out to assist our cleaners with an efficient turnover. (Should any of the following not be completed the additional $50 will be deducted from your damage deposit). Thank you :)


  • Leave the property in a clean, tidy and orderly condition.
  • Start a load of used bedding/towels (leave all protectors on beds - Do not overload the washer. If everything does not fit please leave the extra on the floor by the washing machine).
  • Remove all garbage, recycling & compost from the property to the designated garbage area or to the curb if there is an upcoming collection.
  • Start dishwasher with any dirty dishes
  • Check for any personal items you may have left (drawers, cabinets, outlets etc.)
  • Turn down heat to15 degrees
  • Close and lock all windows and doors
  • Kindly tell us if an item has been broken during your stay.
Leave all keys in house and lock key pad door behind you Click below to: CONFIRM YOUR CHECK-OUT


GARBAGE/RECYCLING All garbage, recycling and perishables must be discarded prior to departure. Garbage located at side of house RULES No Smoking No Pets Children Welcome No Specific Quiet Time, Please Be Mindful of Neighbours Please Remove Shoes Inside


GYM Small private gym located in detached garage


BC Ferries: Approx. 32KM (37 min) by car Airport: Approx. 28km (30min) by car Coho Ferry: Approx. 2km (6 min Walk) TAXI: 250-382-2222


Please ensure to remove, properly sort and put out all garbage, recycling and compost as per the following scheudule and details: GARBAGE/COMPOST SCHEDULE RECYCLING SCHEDULE More info Located beside garage at side of the house


CLEANING Cleaning provided prior to and after your stay. 3 hr mid-stay clean mandatory for stays over 30 days ($110). Additional hired cleaning available for long-term rentals upon REQUEST


Please note: Any apparent damage or deficiencies discovered must be reported to us within the first 2 hours of your check-in along with photo evidence. Reports outside of this timeframe cannot be deemed as made prior to your arrival. We appreciate your understanding.



Market on Yates Thrifty's Foods Red Barn Market 711​​​​​​​




CHECK-IN INQUIRIES 250-881-7551 Ext 3. 1-866-479-0400 danielle@elitevh.com RESERVATIONS 250-881-7551 Ext 1. 1-866-479-0400 reservations@elitevh.com SAVE ON FUTURE STAYS WHEN YOU BOOK DIRECT WITH US! www.elitevh.com