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At Elite we offer our homeowners peace of mind in security and efficiency of operations, along with overall guest satisfaction.  All Elite short-term properties (unless there is an install limitation) are outfitted with the world’s leading property automation software for vacation rentals, Operto., to allow us to serve you better!

The Operto smart lock system includes secure remote access into condo buildings and unique code smart lock entry for homes and condo unit doors. It also includes a sensor monitor that is installed in the property enabling us to view the status of your property in real-time, to monitor check-ins, check-outs, noise levels, temperature & occupancy levels and WIFI status, to provide an outstanding guest and owner experience.


  • Guests can check-in at their own convenience.


  • Provides security risk alerts and remote monitoring.


  • Eliminates frustration with keys and lockboxes.

There are two types of locks:

 The YALE Lock (CLICK FOR VIDEO)  is the best solution for homes as it is securely installed to the front of the door. 

The AUGUST LOCK  (CLICK FOR VIDEO) is the best solution for condo unit doors, as the device goes overtop of the existing lock on the inside and a small keypad can be temporarily affixed to the door either on the door front, or inside the door frame, which should not go against any standard strata restrictions.(No permanent changes would be made to the door front.)

The SMART SENSOR (bottom left image) plugs directly into an outlet and connects to the internet via WiFi, reporting activity on 02 level occupancy, noise levels and wifi interruptions direct to Elite for monitoring. 



$99 Initial Install will be charged during your inital setup. 


The smart lock is on a 2-year subscription. A monthly software and management charge will be deducted from booking payouts through your homeowner portal. 

$55/mo for 2 years

$45/mo after 2 years.

You will own the hardware outright after 2 years. 


$400 (USD)penalty charge if cancelled prior to the 1st year (you will own the hardware)

$300 (USD) penalty charge if cancelled prior to the 2nd year (you will own the hardware)


The hardware type installed will be determined by the property type and/or strata restrictions. 

All properties, (unless just reason or limitation), will be outfitted with smart lock and sensor technology for guest access and monitoring. Guests are provided instruction for access.


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