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Elite Vacation Homes goes beyond being a mere booking agency; we are dedicated to fostering relationships with homeowners. Our commitment extends beyond mere reservations, actively supporting homeowners in marketing and managing their properties. This collaborative approach distinguishes us as a trusted partner, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between homeowners and travellers.

Nestled in the stunning landscape of southern Vancouver Island, we've curated an exquisite collection of condos and luxurious oceanfront homes for over 16 years, bridging the gap between discerning homeowners and vacationers.

Our long-standing reputation for exceptional service has earned global recognition. We take pride in connecting homeowners with guests, providing seamless experiences. Our services include elegant accommodations, housekeeping, and personalized concierge services, ensuring tranquility and peace of mind for both travelers and homeowners. This commitment to service excellence is the cornerstone of every guest journey.

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Valerie Nieuwenhout

CEO - New Business Onboarding

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Valerie stands as the visionary owner of Elite Vacation Homes, demonstrating over 16 years of dedicated leadership and expertise in the vacation rental industry. Her proactive involvement involves working closely with clients, fostering relationships, and strategically acquiring new properties to expand the agency's portfolio. With a solid foundation in business schooling, Valerie's educational background complements her hands-on experience, enabling her to navigate the intricate landscape of the corporate world adeptly. Her track record spans across multiple industries, showcasing her prowess in managing various businesses and spearheading business development initiatives. 

 Valerie's approach is marked by a keen eye for opportunities and a deep understanding of client needs, enabling her to curate a collection of properties that meet and exceed the expectations of discerning travelers. Her leadership style emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, positioning Elite Vacation Homes as a reputable and sought-after agency in the vacation rental market. Her multifaceted experience and dedication to continuous improvement underscore Valerie's commitment to ensuring Elite Vacation Homes remains at the forefront of providing exceptional service and unforgettable experiences for both homeowners and guests.

Marissa Dore

Reservations Manager & Trust Accounting Specialist


Marissa is a pivotal team member at our organization, serving as a full-time reservation agent while also overseeing the operation department with finesse and dedication. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of our business, Marissa effectively collaborates with fellow team members, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service delivery. Her role extends far beyond typical reservation responsibilities. Marissa adeptly manages all aspects of the booking process, showcasing her prowess in coordinating and corresponding with guests to facilitate their travel arrangements. Her exceptional negotiation skills ensure that guest expectations are not only met but often exceeded, contributing significantly to guest satisfaction and retention. Moreover, Marissa is instrumental in the financial aspects of our operations. Her expertise in trust accounting, invoicing, and overseeing payouts for homeowners is a testament to her meticulousness and commitment to financial accuracy. She handles these responsibilities with precision, ensuring a transparent and smooth process for both guests and homeowners. Marissa's multitasking abilities, attention to detail, and professionalism make her an invaluable asset to our team. Her unwavering dedication to providing top-notch service and managing the intricate facets of our business operations contribute significantly to the overall success and reputation of our organization.  

Rachel Robilliard

Check-in Host & Quality Control


Rachel Robilliard, a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set and extensive experience across multiple industries, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Beginning her career as an HR specialist within the government sector, she honed her skills in handling communications, public engagement, and navigating the intricacies of employee concerns. Rachel's proficiency extended to managing legal documents and filing, ensuring compliance and efficiency within the organization.

Transitioning seamlessly into various roles, her journey continued as a receptionist for Parks Canada, where her dedication to guest satisfaction and operational excellence was evident.  Venturing into the real estate realm, Rachel excelled as a guest attendant and real estate assistant, leveraging her communication skills and attention to detail to provide comprehensive support to both clients and agents. Additionally, her tenure as an office manager at an electrical company showcased their versatility in administrative tasks, real estate assistance, and office management. 

Throughout her career journey, Rachel has exemplified adaptability, professionalism, and a relentless commitment to achieving excellence in every role she undertakes, making her a valuable asset in Elite Vacation Homes delivering assistance in Operations and Customer support. 

Maia Clease St Cyr

Operations Department


We are thrilled to welcome Maia Clease St Cyr to our team at Elite Vacation Homes, where she will be spearheading our Operations Department starting April 1, 2024. With a proven track record of success in the hotel industry, Maia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization. Over the past two years, Maia has excelled in various roles within the hotel sector, particularly in front desk operations. Her responsibilities have ranged from facilitating bookings and coordinating with concierge services to liaising with cleaning teams to ensure impeccable room conditions. 

Notably, Maia has been instrumental in managing after-hours emergency contacts for the property management company, showcasing her exceptional communication and problem-solving skills. Maia's warm demeanour and professional approach make her a natural fit for Elite Vacation Homes. Her dedication to providing outstanding service, coupled with her attention to detail and commitment to follow-up, will undoubtedly elevate our operations and enhance the experience for our guests. 


Maia possesses a range of competencies and will assume responsibility for managing our presence across various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Outside of her professional endeavours, Maia is a multifaceted individual with a passion for music and the arts. As a talented pianist and singer, she has been actively involved in a local R&B band, showcasing her creativity and musical prowess. Additionally, Maia finds joy in expressing herself through art and painting, reflecting her appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. We are truly excited to have Maia Clease St Cyr join our Elite team. Her unique skill set, coupled with her passion for hospitality and her diverse interests, will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and growth of our organization. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Maia as she embarks on this new chapter with us. 

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