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Boat Harbour & Elite Vacation Homes

1. Owners will review our List With Us page

2. When they are ready to move forward they will Sign-Up with us.

3. After sign-up owners complete a Property Details form to provide us the specifics of their home.

4. We list your property on our website as well as multiple advertising sites that in turn advertise on hundreds of affiliate sites of their own so your property receives international exposure.

6. We install a smart lock system and sensor for ease of access for guests as well as property monitoring for us (Check-in confirmations, noise levels, occupancy, and temperature levels). Smart Lock Info

7. We provide a digital manual to guests that is specific to your property, outlining home details, rules and instructions as well as highlighting local amenities and recommendations. 

Alternatively, owners may opt for a more sophisticated tablet based digital guidebook product called "Your Welcome".

5. We manage all aspects of the listing from inquiries to bookings, cleanings to coordinating repairs & maintenance.

Cleaning Materials
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