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Cleaning Details

Standard Check-Out Cleans 


6 Month Deep Cleans 

Deep cleans include an inspection to determine repairs, replacements & need for any upholstry or carpet cleaning 

(owners expense)

Clean Bed

Standard Clean

Bedding & towels laundered 

Modern Shower

Standard Clean

Showers cleaned and disinfected 

Flooring Consultation

Standard Clean

Baseboards wiped and dusted 

Open Window

Standard Clean

Inside windows cleaned,

if needed


Standard Clean

Trash removed & bins sanitized & cleaned 

Dish Washer

Standard Clean

Inside and outside of major appliances wiped down & cleaned

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Standard Clean

Cupboards & drawers 

 wiped inside and out


Deep Clean

Floors vacuumed

and mopped

Cleaning Table

Deep Clean

Table, chairs and high-touch surfaces wiped down

Woman Cleaning Furniture

Deep Clean

General dusting 

Folded Bedding on Tatami Mat

Deep Clean

Damaged/worn linens reported for replacement

Cleaning the Windows

Deep Clean

Shower door and tiles given extra attention

Home Entrance

Deep Clean

Doors/frames cleaned thoroughly  

Washing Window

Deep Clean

Inside windows thoroughly cleaned 


Deep Clean

Bins & Toilet brushes replaced if needed

Cleaning a Gas Stove

Deep Clean

Behind appliances cleaned, self clean turned on, vents/racks/parts soaked

Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Deep Clean

Cupboards/drawers given extra attention

Vacuuming Couch

Deep Clean

Carpet/upholstery cleaning determined, if needed

Cleaning the Counter

Deep Clean

High touch surfaces given more attention

Cleaning a Filter

Deep Clean

Individual knickknacks & filters dusted

Mid - Stay Cleans

Mandatory monthly for all bookings over 30 days


Showers cleaned and disinfected 

Grey Bed with Quilt

Beds Made - Launderd only if requested/paid for by guest

White Chair in an Empty Room

Baseboards wiped or dusted 

Vaccum Cleaner

Floors vacuumed and mopped 

Digital Stove

Outside of appliances cleaned 

Cleaning the Desk

Surfaces and high touchpoint areas cleaned

Cleaning Table

General dusting


In Mid - Stay Cleans

Residential Garbage


Trash Removed/Taken to curb for collection

Carrying Cleaning Supplies


Supply Restock (Guests are provided a starter amount of basics and will replenish themselves).


Cleaning Supplies

Medical grade disinfectant, called: Oxivir is used during all cleaning. This product is certified to kill 99.9% of
bacteria and viruses. It is on the CDC list of approved products for killing the COVID-19 virus.

With the scare of this new flu strain, our cleaners are taking extra precautions and following the CDC


Gloves & masks are used by cleaners when entering homes.

All touchpoints thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

All linens laundered in hottest water.