Standard Check-Out Cleans 


Deep Cleans (Every 6 Months)

STANDARD CLEAN: Bedding & towels laundered 

DEEP CLEAN:  Mattress flipped,  vacuumed, Steamed

STANDARD CLEAN: Damaged/worn linens reported for replacement.

DEEP CLEAN:  Damaged/worn linens reported for replacement.

STANDARD CLEAN: Showers cleaned and disinfected 

DEEP CLEAN: Shower door given extra attention

STANDARD CLEAN: Tile walls cleaned and disinfected 

DEEP CLEAN: Tile grout scrubbed

STANDARD CLEAN: Baseboards wiped or dusted 

DEEP CLEAN: Clean doors/frames for fingerprints

STANDARD CLEAN: Inside windows cleaned if needed

DEEP CLEAN: Inside windows thoroughly cleaned 

STANDARD CLEAN: Trash removed 

DEEP CLEAN: Wastebaskets sanitized

STANDARD CLEAN: Outside of range hood cleaned 

DEEP CLEAN: Inside of range hood cleaned

STANDARD CLEAN: Baseboards wiped or dusted 

DEEP CLEAN: Behind refrigerator and oven cleaned

STANDARD CLEAN: Fronts of fridge and dishwasher cleaned 

DEEP CLEAN: Inside of both cleaned

STANDARD CLEAN: Floors vacuumed and mopped 

DEEP CLEAN: Outside of cabinets washed

STANDARD CLEAN: Table and chairs wiped down

DEEP CLEAN: Doors/frames spot cleaned for fingerprints

STANDARD CLEAN: Microwave wiped down 

DEEP CLEAN: Inside of microwave cleaned

STANDARD CLEAN: General dusting 

DEEP CLEAN: Individual knickknacks cleaned

Mid-Stay Cleans:

Long-Term Guests (Mandatory Monthly)

+ Additional Guest Requested Cleaning

Showers cleaned and disinfected 

Tile walls cleaned and disinfected 

Baseboards wiped or dusted 

Inside windows cleaned (if needed)

General dusting 

Outside of range hood cleaned 

Baseboards wiped or dusted 

Fronts of fridge and dishwasher cleaned 

Floors vacuumed and mopped 

Table and chairs wiped


Laundry (Bedding/Towels)

Trash Removed/Taken to curb for collection

Inside fridges/microwaves

Supply Restock (Guests are provided a starter amount of basics)

Cleaning Equipment