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What is Included?

Homeowner Reviews

Have a look at some reviews and praise our gracious homeowners have given us!


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Professional Photography

High-quality photos (along with a beautifully staged space with beautiful furnishings) to entice quests to choose YOUR rental over comparable options, makes ALL the difference. Our professional photographers will showcase your home in it's best light! 


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Virtual Tour

Guests, especially ones looking to potentially rent long-term, want a full sense of the layout and feel of a property they are considering. When distance is a factor, we want to provide guests an immersive virtual tour, the perfect way to seal the deal!


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Drone Footage

For added impact, add drone footage of your stunning property to your listing to give guests the full overview experience.


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Smart Lock/Lockbox

We require that all properties be outfitted with a smart lock or lockbox. Owners may purchase a smart lock system or lockbox system of their choice. Owners must provide Elite with a guest, cleaner and office code for smart locks and a single code for lockboxes. The owner will be responsible to make updates to and inform Elite of any desired password changes.

(Condo units may be exempt from this requirement in the event there is a strata restriction).


Listing Set-Up

Upon sign-up, your specific home details are collected to allow us to set up your property on our advertising platforms to highlight its features and ensure it is represented accurately.  

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We advertise your listing on all major advertising channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO and many more, to provide your property optimal market exposure from prospective travellers around the world. 

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Social Media Marketing

For added exposure, your property is marketed through our social media platforms which include:

Instagram, Facebook and monthly newsletters, promoting the benefits and features of visiting Victoria as well as specific property highlights. 




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Booking Management

We look after all the details, managing your bookings from start to finish. Our reservations department is always available to answer questions, provide quotes and follow-up on inquiries.  

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Guest Qualification

There are many ways we qualify the guests that are booked to stay in your home. Advertising channels also have their own rating systems based on guests previous experiences that our reservation team reviews. We also ensure any bookings restrictions set out, such as, 4 people max, no pets, no smoking etc. are met prior to accepting a booking. 

Leasing a Home

Guest Contracts

We have contracts covered. Guests agree to the legal terms and conditions of the advertising partner they book through as well as our own which cover specific guest requirements and expectations. 

Insurance Agent

Digital Manual

Guests are provided with a link to all the details they will need about your home. From how to get in, to how to work the TV, to where they should eat nearby. 


Example Manual 

Notebook & Pad

Homeowner Portal

View your bookings, review your payouts, expenses, and owner statements all in one place with private access to your own homeowner dashboard.  

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Owner Payouts

We collect the income from each booking, deduct our portion and pay you. Owner payouts are made when the money reaches our account after a check-in which may vary depending on payment method, typically 3-5 business days. 

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Maintenance Coordination

Our cleaners report any deficiencies, damages and/or required maintenance to us after each check-out. We have on-call service professionals that can be coordinated and expensed to tackle the job, or, If preferred, you are welcome to hire your own maintenance contacts.  


Supply Restocking

Our cleaners will restock the basic items listed in our property set-up check-list. They will either be expensed to you or you are welcome to keep a locked storage of supplies for our cleaners to replenish from.  

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Coordination

All check-out and mid-stay cleaning is coordinated and managed by us and paid for by the Guests.

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What is NOT Included?

Property Upkeep

Elite can assist with facilitating interior maintenance coordination as requested/required, however, it is the owner's responsibility to maintain all exterior areas of the home in good repair and condition for its intended purpose, and available in the manner set forth as described in the property listing. This includes the owner's responsibility to upkeep the yard/patio areas, windows, walkways, roofs, etc.  

Trimming the Grass

Initial & 6 Month Deep Cleans 

An initial deep clean and 6 month deep cleans are required for overall home upkeep and maintenance at the owner's expense.

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Cost of  Deep Cleanings

Guests cover the cost of standard check-out cleanings, mid-stay cleanings and additionally requested cleaning. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of all deep cleanings. The initial deep clean is done at the commencement of your listing and standard deep cleans every 6 months thereafter, to maintain the property.

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Cleaning Sink

Professional Staging

Set up a consultation with our Homestyle Solutions team. Your home photos are only as good as the way your space is styled and presented to prospective renters. The subtle differences our home staging experts can implement using fresh furnishings and decor items and recommending new accents and enhancements are the difference between good and GREAT photos. Increase the value and exposure of your listing amongst others with this competitive advantage (Recommended option).




Living Room

Smart Lock / Lockbox 

Owners are responsible to install a smart lock or lockbox.

(Some exemptions may apply).




Maintenance charges will be billed directly to the homeowner. Supply restock, and replacements for general wear and tear items will be expensed through your homeowner's portal and deducted from your upcoming booking payout. 

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Annual Fee

An $89 annual fee is charged to maintain your listing.  

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Photo Styling

Our photo styler will temporarily set-up your space in preparation of photos and Video when listing with us. Making beds look nice, placing items in the correct positions, adding fresh flowers, setting tables and countertops, organizing living spaces, fixing curtains and blinds etc. (Optional).

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior